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House demolition is unethical and criminal
author: Peter Kropotkin

First, Gandhi said it could be considered non-violent if it occurs in pursuit of justice and carefully avoids injury to any sentient being.

Israeli house demolitions are not in pursuit of justice, they are about injustice and oppression.

So stop with the bullshit Ben.

Further, if I cut a fence, for instance to allow people to get to their fields, I am helping to secure them a livlihood, if I destroy their house or fields, I am destroying their livelihood.

Moreover, I would still call house demolition highly unethical and criminal, yet not a violent act in itself, though it may include violent acts around it, such as leaving people in the building when it collapses or beating family members who try to stop it from happening.

Property destruction is not violence, but as I said before, depending on the purpose, it may be unethical.

House demolition is a highly unethical and criminal act which takes place within a violent system of oppression, yet is not violent itself.

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