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author: Ben

The IDF does not claim to be a non-violent organization. When they dropped the one-ton bomb that killed the terrorist and the large number of civilians, I, and most centrist Israelis, had no problem admitting that the army had gone too far. Nothing like that has happened since, as far as I know.

Storming the fence was not a slip-up. It was premeditated act that required bring wire cutters with them to their demonstration. It took place only one or two days after Tom Wallace and Radhika Sainath wrote in the Jerusalem Post 'We have all committed ourselves to the practice of nonviolence and do not assist anyone in committing acts of violence'

It makes me ask the question: if this is part of their committment to non-violence, what the hell does that term mean when uttered by the ISM? Gandhi, they're not. Nor are they committed to non-violence. Its a lie that buys them a lot of goodwill, that's all.

There are plenty of other "slip-ups" they have been caught doing, none more blatant the when they protected an Islamic Jihad terrorist in their office.

Then there is their "slip up" on the Rachel Corrie photos. Why do they show two photos, one directly after the bulldozer ran over her, and another 45 MINUTES EARLIER of her standing directly in front of it? I don't think truth was their highest priority.

Lets face it, the ISM has a long and dirty record of lies and deciet that includes even their basic claim to non-violence. By now, I don't see how anyone could take these clowns seriously.

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