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Really banal conversation here Benny
author: Bryan Atinsky (


I am not in ISM, and not really one way or the other about them, but I have met some and know what type of actions they do, what type of places they go.

My point is that instead of conjecturing whether or not you can interpret what he said one way or the other, to move beyond that issue to what I believe are more substantial issues about path and implications of the fence/wall.

John IS correct when he says:

"He didn't literally say: When I was in Nablus I saw the big Apartheid Wall there. That is what you make of it."

One doesn't need to be in Jerusalem to understand that freethepeep's grammer was ambiguous.

From my first statement I have clarified that from my knowledge, the majority of the barrier is an electric fence and razor wire you have no issue with me on this.

And for you to continue to project definite meaning into the ambiguous statement is getting annoying.

One can take it to mean that he was living in Nablus and at some point or other during the six months saw only parts of the barrier that were wall.


Your opinion that he was saying there is a high wall one can see from Nablus, which would be completely incorrect and he would know it and would probably know that it was easily verifiable by anyone, so he would have to be really stupid to have meant that.

But we cannot know which of the two readings is correct unless we get a clarification, so I said go on with other issues instead. Which I still think is the best route.

But you seem stuck Ben.

So continue your arguement, but without me, I have a Master's thesis to write...

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