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Eutopian Isreal-Palestine
author: Zohar (

I would like to have a place that I can keep my future children safe while teaching them the equalness of mankind, and especially our neigbours.

I would like to have a country where I can go freely on the surface without anyone disturbing me or wants to kill me.

I would like to have a state that I know that give me my rights to live but not taking this rights of anyone else.

It is a hard situation. Both sides are to blame.

But I am going with the weak side, the one that I know, I would have done the same if I where in the same situation - I would fight the occupiers of my country!!

I would join the Hamas or other militant groups, I even might volunteer as a suicde bomber. But that's not the BEST idea.

But I think that there are better ways then "terrorism". Ways that not attract the full process of missile launchers and tanks. Maybe few cops or soldiers...

It is demonstartions, It is solidarity campaigns around the world, it is also the demolishing of roadblocks or the aparthide wall (if possible).

There is another way.....

.....and I wish there where other Israelies to see that....

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