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Probably no ISM stance on that
author: John Veldhuis

I am lucky not to have been confronted with dead bodies as much as you have. What made me sick then was the willingness to shoot or blow up people, for nothing more than wanting freedom.

It is indirect, but

"We call for immediate international intervention to protect the Palestinian people and ensure Israel's compliance with International Law." (, about ISM)

is not exactly a call to remove Israel from the face of the earth.

Maybe they just don't give a damn whether Israel exists or not. Also probably: it is no issue to them. The existance of Israel has become a fact of life on this planet.

I do give a damn, as long as there are decent Isreali's counterbalancing the settler terrorists and their supporters. But then again, I'm no ISM-er.

As long as there are Israeli settlements outside the green line I would refuse to go to Jerusalem and ride the bus.

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