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Pro-ISM Indymedia Strikes Agian
author: Ben

Thanks for your "understanding" Bryan. I also understand your deep connection to the ISM that blinds you to the truth when it doesn't fit your politics. I also see that you are bothered by this "insubstantial" discussion about being able to trust the people you debate with and argue in good faith. I understand you think these are worthless topics.

If freethepeeps travels through the West Bank so much, I'm sure that he has seen many parts of the fence. So when he writes "I have spent about 6 months in Nablus, and the only parts I have seen are indeed 8 - 12m high walls," it really sounds like he hasn't seen much at all. You yourself said most of it is wire fencing. He made this comment in the midst of a discussion with LSM about the terms "wall" vs "fence" so his use of the term was not random.

He also asks for pictures of the wire fence, suggesting he hasn't seen too much at all.

I'm not the first to point out the fact that he lied in this case. LSM already did that, and freethepeeps has responded to her since and did not deny the charge. I only got on this when I looked at the Gush Shalom map and realized that the proof of the lie was right there in front of me. I didn't need to take LSM's word for it.

More importantly, how does someone who lives far away and has no direct experience of the fence, Nablus, or anything, likely to understand his statement? Are you saying the most reasonable reading of his statement is that he lived in Nablus, which is unimportant except that it is in the West Bank, and that he travels and sees things, but only in the several miles where the fence is concrete? That is what you think he's saying? That is what you think everyone will think he's saying? I think he knew that most people reading his comment would not know that there is no fence in Nablus, and they would take him at his word. Are we really to believe "the only parts I have seen are indeed 8 - 12m high walls?"

If ISMers are so sloppy with their facts that they could be misunderstood so easily (to Israel's detriment, of course) why should we believe a word any of them say?

It's too bad, Bryan, that you don't show more concern about this issue. The most important asset of a news source is credibility. You are in danger of losing it here.

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