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Bryan, you misunderstand
author: Ben


While I disagree that it doesn't matter if you call it a fence or a wall, that isn't really what I am arguing here.

I'm pointing out that freethepeeps writes as a member of the ISM and lies about what he sees. According to the map posted above, there is neither a fence nor a wall around Nablus.

The ISM claims one of its functions is "witnessing" Israeli mistreatment of Palestinians. ISM members regularly write horrible things about Israel in their reports, many of which end up in newspapers or magazines and reach readers who take them for eyewitness accounts. But if freethepeeps is one of these witnesses and he is "witnessing" an 8-12 meter wall of concrete that isn't there, he is abusing the position of the ISM, and placing the whole organization's credibility on the line.

Just like when you read a set of lies in a newspaper that goes uncorrected, you start to doubt the veracity of everything you read in that paper, the ISM or freethepeeps himself must admit the blatant lie he was caught making.

I don't see what is so controversial about this. Why are ISM members allowed to lie when they report Israeli atrocities? Why don't you care about the truth?

You are right in saying that the real debate should be about the wall's path. But that is assuming no one is making bold-faced lies about what is happening. The philosophical debate you propose should only take place among people who respect the truth and don't exploit the fact that they are in a place while others aren't.

I don't see how a meaningful debate about anything could take place in an environment where people in Nablus are allowed to make lies that are then believed by fools in Holland, and then used as part of the debate to make other points.

I would hope, Bryan, that your position at this website would compel you to take a stronger stand on this issue. Perhaps there is some sort of explanation. But as it stands, no one has come forward to clarify anything. Is this they type of thing you want happening on Indymedia?

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