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Fence or wall, it is not about security
author: Bryan Atinsky (

Ben and others are merely arguing a largely semantic difference to avoid the deeper questions about the path and implications of the fence/wall.

I have been to several parts of the fence/wall and it is true that part of it is a very solid wall of sevaral meters in height and most is a high electronic fence with razor wire on top army roads on either side and another set of razor wire on the outer sides of the roads. From one side of the razor-wire to the other must be 30 meters or so.

It is not really that important whether the barrier in the middle is of concrete or steel mesh, as we are talking of the same result.

We are talking about a 30 some meters wide barrier snaking deep over the green line and isolating villages, blocking villages from their farmland, uprooting trees and crops, etc.

Whether it is is of concrete or steel mesh has nothing to do with its permanence. It could be made of only fence and be there for years or it could all be of concrete and be knocked down tommorow as so many Palestinan homes have been knocked down by the Israeli authorities.

Perhaps it is more aesthetic for the villagers to be able to see their stolen fields through the that the difference?

Stop obfuscating the real issues here by arguing fence or wall, it is Aparthied either way.


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