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Do you care abou the truth john
author: Ben

You are only making it worse, John.

Who appointed you defense council for the ISM or for freethepeeps. How do you know what he meant? The simple reading of his line is that he saw these imaginary walls in Nablus. If there is a mistake, it is for them to solve, not you. You talk about things like you know what you are saying, like you have some insight into freethepeep's intention, when in reality your head is up your ass so deep I can't believe you could still breath that way. You are only proving that people will defend lies blindly if they are politically motivated enough.

By the way, according to the handy little map you posted, which was invaluable for catching the lie in the first place, Nablus and Kalkilya are very far apart. Half the Wast Bank divides them.

We can make all sorts of excuses for freethepeep's lies and distortions. We could say the walls he was seeing had nothing to do with the Israeli security fence. Maybe they were the walls to his house! That's about as likely as your stupid little excuse.

I guess you are not concerned about the truth, but peace-oriented people are. You are proudly defending lies and distortions - just for political reasons. Someday you will look back on this episode in shame.

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