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ISM in doubt
author: say it ain't so

True . I tend to listen to ISM accounts, and give them credibility, but this raises doubts. Are ya'll just creating truth to suit your politics? IF so, then you're doing exactly what corporate media and the Bushonauts do as well - telling lies to suit your agenda. Say it ain't so! If you are just using the supportive platform that Indy Media provides for your own evil designs, then we're all fucked aren't we. Means that this whole enterprise failed - We just created a new hegemony. You've got some explaining to do ISMer. Are you really just full of shit, or did you make some kind of explainable mistake. If you were in Nablus, and seeing walls that wern't there, keep that acid to yourself please. No need to spread more bad shit in the world. So cut it out!

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