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Maps and ISM Lies
author: Ben

According to the Gush Shalom map above detailing the path of the security fence, there is no wall around Nablus.

Freethepeeps (writing as a member of the ISM) writes "I have spent about 6 months in Nablus, and the only parts I have seen are indeed 8 - 12m high walls."

LSM responds that "The Fence is miles and miles AWAY from Nablus. Not sure what you have seen. I have toured many part of the Fence and it is a Fence (except is 3 short segments) Let’s call it what it is from now on: A


Freethepeeps of the ISM is obviously lying. He hasn't seen any walls, he's nowhere near the fence's path. He's using the fact that he is on-site to spew all sorts of nonsense and accusations for the consumption of people who think he is working for peace in good faith.

Is this the only time the ISM has lied, or are there other times?

Someone needs to apologize for spreading lies. Either freethepeeps should come clean and admit he lied or the ISM must distance itself from the lies told in its name (the title of his post was "An ISMer responds.")

Either way, the ISM's credibility is in doubt until someone steps forward.

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