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Nice link to more lies
author: John Veldhuis

Nice link,

Looking at the Operational Concept there is one lie again: a picture showing Israel is on one side of it, and the WestBank on the other... To my knowledge for the most part of the wall the WestBank is on both sides of it.

Looking at the "route" part more lies appear, I'll only quote one:

"Minimum disruption to the daily life of the populations residing on both sides of the "Seam Zone" will occur along its course in several forms:


Narrow agricultural passageways, dozens of which will be located along the route to enable farmers to continue cultivating their lands.


Passage for pedestrians and vehicles, at which inspections will take place to maintain security.


Crossing points, for transfer of goods across the central area and in the Jerusalem region."

Then where was all the fuss about, where people had to be shot with rubber bullets by the Israeli Army? If Israel had done what it claims here, the gate would have been opened long time ago...

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