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Why Lie Mr. Baragouti ?
author: David

Mr. Baragouthi,

You have a valid claim: Israel has built a fence that robs Palestinian framers from access to their land.

You know that such an access is needed only toward the olive picking time. The farmers will need to clean the brush under the trees so that they can put the matterss on which they let the olives fall. This is in September not now.

You know that the demo was not "peaceful" - the army again and again made warning and only shot after the tear gas prevented the ISMers from cutting the fence.

So why lie Mr. Baragouthi ? You have a valid claim - why don't you stick to it ?

Or maybe you do not care about the issue and all you care about is scoring PR points in the propaganda war against Israel ? In this war every lie is a valid weapon?

How can we trust anything else you say when we saw on TV (including El-Gazira) exactly what occurred in Anin ?

Why lie Mr. Baragouthi ?

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