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A Single Non-National State
author: Peter Kropotkin

For starters, I personally am not for a bi-national state. I am for a single non-national state. Fuck all Nationalisms, and that includes Zionism and Palestinian Nationalism.

But...this whole Zionism = Nazism thing is getting a little boring.

Zionism is not Nazism.

Sorry, that is just the way it is.

This has nothing to do with which is worse than the other, this has to do with the fact that Zionism is a political and socio-cultural entity unto itself that must be understood in its own socio-historical context.

The left and the right both have a bad habit of constantly trying to pigeonhole everything that comes their way with pat and overworn designations.

Everything the left doesn't like is Nazi or a Fascist


Everything the right doesn't like is commie, liberal or left-fascist (whatever the fuck that is).

All this does is obscure the important differences that give us the ability to discern the particular socio-cultural and historical factors that really make up the object of our critique.

Instead we end up fighting our own projections and giving the other side an easy out.

"We are obviously not that, so your whole argument must be faulty." and then they go their way, ignoring the whole critique, much of which could have been useful.

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