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shamir the great
author: goldberg we hear from the great shamir,blessed are we.izzie( may i call you izzie) you put your great talent out there for a people who would cut your balls off for a sheckel that is if you have any? as it may ,i think it is a good idea to let the arabs live in israel,as long as it is in peace. they can have the their own elected house of reps, local councils, you can have no concern, the jews will be more then fair, hell that is way more freedom then any of the arab countrys give their people now.RIGHT. now if thats not good enough for your murdering friends i suggest you pack them up and dont forget to take the 1000 or so bleeding heart jews, and your self and dont forget mr.putz adam shapiro, take the whole lot, kit and kaboodle and re-locate to the 22 arab nations, or the other 50 moslem dumps,or to france,england,or anywere for that matter and leave israel alone for petes is it ? izzie it eats your heart out to see the jews with their own land, after all the years of suffering....shame on you

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