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Wolf, Lamb and Ouroboros: A Reply to Uri Avnery%AM %22 %b %2003
author: Israel Shamir (

Avnery's Two States idea is fully applicable everywhere, if it applicable in Palestine.

Wolf, Lamb and Ouroboros

by Israel Shamir

A perfect propaganda man could make cat lick mustard, at least by pushing mustard up under cat's tail, Bertolt Brecht wrote. Avnery's last essay called The Bi-National State[1] is a similar exercise: he wants us to love and accept the Jewish state, for (he claims) the fate of Palestinians would be worse without it.

Why it is better for Palestinians to be locked up in their small enclaves than to be equal citizens of the whole of Palestine? In a mental somersault, Avnery breaks a new ground in public discourse and proclaims: Jews can't live with non-Jews. The Jew and the Goy are like wolf and lamb; if you want the Wolf dwell with the Lamb, please provide a fresh lamb every day. There was, I understand, a slight difference of opinion who of the twain is a wolf, (classic Zionists clamoured the lamb skin), but Avnery leaves us in no doubt: while sojourning together, the Goy will lose to the Jew. In his own words, "In a joint state, if it were to be set up, the Jews would dominate the economy and most other aspects of the state, and try very hard to preserve that situation."

Well, this is the opinion of many men in many countries. They point up Jewish dominance in Hollywood and the media, as well as in banking and finance from Moscow with its oligarchs to New York and Washington and conclude as Avnery does: the Jews can not live in one state with non-Jews, for the Jews would dominate the economy and most other aspects of the state[2]. Usually they call for transfer of Jews, too. However, until the present publication of the Avnery's ground-breaking article, this opinion was effectively banned from majority of websites and printed media. Now, the

Counterpunch presented the discerned reader with the opinion, and none of the ADL gang expressed shock or dissatisfaction. Indeed, if you support Zionism you may express any opinion including that "the Jews can not live in

one state with non-Jews". Avnery made a great improvement upon the old line by presenting it as benevolent care for the weak goy: 'Let them have a separate state, for otherwise Jews will dominate them'. But there is no reason to distinguish between Palestine and other lands with sizeable Jewish communities. Here is Rhodes, as Greeks said to a man who claimed he can jump very high - on the isle of Rhodes. Avnery's idea is fully applicable everywhere, if it

applicable in Palestine. It should be equally applicable in the US, where a Jewish state should be created soonest so that Jews wouldn't dominate the Goyim.

The Jewish State of America (the JSA) does not have to be contiguous: it can use the pattern established by Jews for the Goyim in Palestine. However, the citizens of the JSA should not be allowed to vote in the USA, or influence its discourse, or hold property in the USA, in full compliance with Avnery's ideas on Palestine. Their property outside the boundaries can be dealt with the same way the Jewish state in Palestine dealt with Gentile property. It will solve the main problem on the way to democracy in Palestine presented by Avnery, namely: "American Jewry has immense political, economic and media might, and they will not lose it for many years to come". The might of American Jewry contained within the limits of the JSA would not matter much

for the rest of the world. It will solve the second problem presented by Avnery: "the Arabs are becoming more and more the bogyman of the Western world", for with the Jews safely contained in the JSA, the USA will pay attention to its own interests and will become the best friend of the Arabs. If that doesn't suffice, Jewish states can be created lsewhere too: the Jewish state of France, the Jewish state of Russia, the Jewish state of Germany, for Avnery's approach to Palestine contains a universal message. (Germans actually tried to create a Jewish state in Poland, probably for the same altruistic reasons.)

And then, we will be able to undo the Jewish state in Palestine. Extreme Jewish nationalists from the settlements will trek back home to Brooklyn (surely an integral part of the JSA), while millions of ordinary dwellers of Palestine, of Jewish or other origin, will be able to live together in






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