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Henry is right
author: Miri

I must agree with Henry. The "hebrew-speaking nation" (as the euphemists of today are calling it now) can only continue to exist if the Palestinian refugees are denied their basic democratic right to return to the places from which they were expelled, for otherwise they will inevitably become a minority in all sections of the country, with the probable exception of the city of Tel Aviv (and even here there would be a sizable Arab population in the city of Yaffo). In plain words: what the two-states solution is demanding in actual fact is the perpetuation of the ethnic cleansing of the Palestinians and the legal prohibition of intermarriage. What a wonderful message to convey!

So what is the real way out of the apartheid inferno? To put an end to partition, establish a secular democratic republic all over the country -one man, one vote-equal rights for all the citizens- and fully implement the right of return of all the refugees.

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