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The best solution: no state at all
author: Tom

I'm not afraid to disagree totally with the two earlier opinions, even being less authoritative than the ones that expressed their minds. You need just some logical thinking to agree -sometimes even this does happening- with the Lybian life-long leader Colonel Gaddafi: the only, difficult solution is that of one state. As every state [quoting some old anarchist thinker] represents a challenge to the other states, especially these ones at the other side of the frontier, it's rather easy to immagine what will happen after the totally artificial creating of just another State: the Palestinian one [after the creating of the "Jewish State" Israel already showed to be a disaster for the Middle East in general and for the once so rich jewish people and jewish cultural].

I really don't understand this lack of some common sense that brings together some leftwing israelian thinkers and the ones that are promoting totally transfer of the palestinian people outside of Israel.

"Let my people return" should be now, more than ever, the motto of palestinians and israelians.

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