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The so-called "2 state solution" is no solution
author: Henry Lowi, Toronto

The so-called "2 state solution" is exposed as a formula for defeat of the Palestininan resistance and the Israeli peace forces; it is a formula for no equality between Arabs and Jews; it is a formula for Zionist domination of all of Palestine - militarily, economically, and politically - with Palestinian Arab self-rule and "autonomy", without national sovereignty; it is a formula for partition of the country that is one economy, and separation of the people from each other, from their jobs, their lands, and their rights; it is a formula for transformation of the West Bank and Gaza Strip into giant refugee camps; it is a formula for an Arab Islamic hell alongside a Jewish Zionist hell.

As all this becomes apparent to more and more democratically-inclined people, then those whose bottom line is defence of the Zionist project reiterate their opposition to a democratic republic, with a constitution that upholds human rights, to which the Palestine refugees may return, and in which Arabs and Jews can live in peace.

What they don't say is that ANY solution that upholds equality and human rights requires the defeat of racism and colonialism. And how to do that is the starting point for any discussion about the way forward.

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