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"dear" blimey
author: adi

Dear Blimey, as someone who lives in the UK and pays tax to a regime that is responsible for taking the lives of millions of people I don’t think you can talk about banning someone because of his nationality, because if so then Americans and British will be the first one to be banned. If you were raised in Africa like you said then you’ll be interested to know that Britain is responsible for killing at least 150,000 people in Kenya alone not to mention Rwanda’s genocide in 1994 where a million people died. What about millions of other innocent people in Indonesia, Iraq, Iran, Malaya, British Guiana Afghanistan Kosovo Chechnya AND Palestinians that die from British arms?

Like in Israel where the past, mainly the holocaust is being used as propaganda to help brainwashing the youth that Jews need a safe place (and you’re not helping here my friend), your experience in South Africa can’t be used as a reason to discriminate others.

Don’t get me wrong, as Israeli I refused to join the army and as someone who is living

Outside Israel I do boycott Israeli goods myself. I’m living in Europe for a few years now and I’m sad to continually listen to European “leftist” propaganda that is frequently contaminated with anti-Semitism.

hope that the Israeli occupation will end soon.

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