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Don't u remember u stole their lands???
author: Frédéric Pageau

First, let me point a fact at you... Dont u remember that before Israel was created that palestinian had a country???

So the one you call terrorist are just figther for their country that your country(israel) deadly colonized since 1950.

Since the begining there is more victims, specialy a lot of civilian palestinian are killed.

Do you remember Israel dont respect the oslo traitee since 1967???

Sorry but palestinian just fight with what they have because they dont have the chance to have the usa to give em new weapon and to cover their crime on humanity!!!

Because with the appartheid hapenning in Israel and the constant colonization that take place and the killing of civilian palestinian, Israel doing not let than what happened to jews in the holocaust!!!! So you think its was ok??? So its why u continu this genocide???

Don't you know that there is some israelian even some that their kids have been killed by palestinian that they want peace and that they say no peace can happen till israel stop to applicate the repression politics and let palestinian having their country and same service and peace that Isreal have!!!!

Israel will never be free... Till they recognize that palestine Is still a country!!!!

A soldier and a palestinians "terrorist" its the same fight...

They fight for their country!!!

And think of it... Dont u remember The mossad made some attentats????

Peace will never happen till Israel dont let palestinian live because there is terrorist because there is no future for palestinian...

Dont forget it!!!!

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