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Its about ideas innit?
author: Blimey

"has arafat committed no injustices as part of the PLO?"


"are you advocating that all palestinians be

held responsible for his actions?"

They already are, the same as Blacks in South Africa were all treated the same by the racists. Every town, village and city has felt the brunt of the IOFs boot on it's neck, and here's the funny bit - it wasn't Mr. Sharon in the tanks, APCs or manning the checkpoints. Twas the likes of Mr.Dushvani and his mates.

"blimey, you remind me of people who spat upon

soldiers returning from vietnam, rather than

having compassion for not only the victims of

U.S. soldiers, but also the soldiers themselves."

Yeah, you're right I have no compassion for the soldiers who enact the brutality. I was conscripted, and I didn't serve. I preferred to take the flack of not serving.

"where do you live

right now? you answered that you've been

victimized by sanctions, but you still didn't

answer the question. where are you from? i only

want to know because it matters greatly in

relation to what you say."

I personally don't see the relevance. I was born and raised in South Africa, I now live in the UK.

So, can my friend go back to Jaffa. If not, is it cos he is Palestinian?

Cos whats good for the goose is good for the gander.

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