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what blimey says is interesting
author: not important

i think what blimey advocates is very interesting. you are saying that all citizens of a country should be held accountable for its wrongdoings. however, as despicable a man as sharon is, has arafat committed no injustices as part of the PLO? are you advocating that all palestinians be held responsible for his actions? you already answered that (yes) in your previous posts in which you applied some pretty righteous and identical logic (if you wanna call it that) to the israeli scientist. ooor, are you one of those people who draws convenient lines at your whim to decide exactly which people are responsible and which are not? the funny thing to me is that this particular israeli seems to be leaning towards the peaceful end of the spectrum in that he prefers a resolution without violence and indicates a palestinian state is in his favor. blimey, you remind me of people who spat upon soldiers returning from vietnam, rather than having compassion for not only the victims of U.S. soldiers, but also the soldiers themselves.

your thoughts are admirable in a twisted sort of way because you envision a world in which control is equally distributed among everyone, but your thoughts are also kinda childish and simplified because you take nothing real into account. as someone mentioned earlier, where do you live right now? you answered that you've been victimized by sanctions, but you still didn't answer the question. where are you from? i only want to know because it matters greatly in relation to what you say.

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