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Either we are for discrimination or against
author: Bjorn Borg

I don't care if you did 20 years on a trumped up drug charge. You advocate discrimination and collective punishment, which is simply wrong. Israel has what to answer for, but we will get nowhere applying your "two wrongs makes a right argument."

The ridiculous academic boycott has not helped Europe contribute to bringing a solution to the problem, which both sides want to solve. It has made Israelis extremely wary of their input, which mirrors the behavior exhibited by your new hero at Oxford.

Also, if you haven't noticed, there is, in fact, a process going on for this end. It is impossible to demand more from Israel. There was a suicide bombing just yesterday - in the midst of a cease-fire! - and going any faster will lead to more Israelis getting killed. That's the simple truth. Sanctions against a group that has absolutely no influence on policy, and is itself particularly pro-Palestinian, is one stupid thing. But this was a straight up, no question act of discrimination. You support this at the expense of your moral position.

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