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I've got a friend from Jaffa
author: Blimey

He's been away from his home for 50 years, living in a Refugee camp. He's bored with it now, and wants to home.

I understand exactly what I'm calling for. An economic and cultural boycott of Israel, and Israelis, especially those who have served in the army.

Like we did with Apartheid South Africa.

And when Israel ends its Occupation and gives back what it has stolen, then there won't be a need for sanctions any more. Will there?

And hey, if an Israeli gets refused a meal in a restuarant, I can't see the problem with that.

If he gets beaten up, well that'd be an illegal criminal act, no?

And your morality is to promote and support the attempts at ethnic cleansing of the Palestinians, no?

I didn't claim to come from a perfect culture, in fact, I have been at the receiving end of sanctions, not becayuse of anything I did, but because of the country I came from.

And I had no problem with that whatsoever, in fact I supported it.

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