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What makes you immune?
author: Jimmy Conners

You talk a big game, Blimey. You hate Israel so much you are blind to your own bigotries. I expect you to be blind to them, because only a half-wit would say the things you say.

You want to critize Israel, go for it. But you can't seem to understand that you are crossing a line.

Where does it end. Can Israelis get beaten up in the streets of Paris? Can they be denied seats in restaurants? Maybe they should be forced to sit in the back of buses when they come to Europe (the most "enlightened" place on Earth, I guess).

You simply don't understand what you are calling for. And you will get bitten in the end, I'm sure.

BTW, I'd like to know, where is this perfect place you come from where no one has to answer for anything at all and has the moral stature to support the discrimination of other people? I'd like to visit such a perfect place. Maybe I could learn something.

But somehow, if you are one of its products, I doubt the people there have the first clue about morality. But maybe you are just the ugly exception.

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