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Do you need it spelling out for you?
author: Blimey

I know it was you calling me a racist pig, and calling for my banning, and claiming that my posts emanate vile hatred, whilst it is now a matter of public record that your posts aren't the most level headed, reasoned and caring pieces of text to be seen on the boards.

BTW, when you ask why "we" give the "racist pig" a platform, are you trying to suggest that you are a supporter and volunteer for Indymedia. Cos I'm failing to see why you would use an independent medium to spew out the crap that we can all go and read in Israel Insider for example.

And like it or not, Israel has got to end the Occupation. Israelis voted Sharon in, Israelis keep his army able to continue its programme of slow, painful ethnic cleansing, and Israelis should not be sitting there expecting to be exempt from some of the flack.

We know what is going on there, we know what is simple misrepresentation of the facts, the myths, the lies, the Zionist bullshit.

Bring on the Boycotts. Make em hurt.

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