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You live in a fantasy world
author: Lendl

To Blimey the racist pig:

When did I say I was a Zionist? You support discrimination based on race, ethnicity or nationality. That makes you a racist. Even if I was a Zionist, you would be no less a racist.

I can see you have limited intelligence. Your reading comprehension is marred by hallucinations. Dushvani never said he served in the territories; he said he served in the army, and later said the army calls people to do reserve duty, even in the territories. He never said he served his reserve duty in the West Bank. Like most racists, you don't let the facts interfere with your justification for discrimination.

As long as you remain a pig, you will only harm the peace movements you curse with your participation. You contaminate every good place with your vile hate.

You are too dumb to see that Israel has had to defend itsself against Arab aggression long before there was any occupation. What part of Iraq was Israel occupying when it launched 39 scud missiles at it in 1991? And what part of Syria did Israel occupy before 1967 that Syria joined in the Six Day war?

People who advocate discrimination should be discredited by all good people. Why do we give racists like Blimey a platform to spit hate?

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