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Just say no to service in the Palestine Lands
author: John Veldhuis

Still, there are a lot of Israeli's NOT in the army, be it for religious or pacifist reasons, or simply because they are against the terrorism the Israeli army sometimes seems to be engaged in.

Maybe the Israeli army should upon draft ask draftees:

A Do you want to defend Israel? Yes/No

B Do you want to defend the innocent? Yes/No

C Do you want to defend settler terrorists? Yes/No

D Do you want to defend settler racists? Yes/No

E Do you want to defend settler fundamentalists? Yes/No

And anyone answering No to the last three questions can join the Israeli army with a clear conscience, and won't have to be part in the ongoing war against the Palestinians.

"sometimes innocent Arab civilians do get hurt" you write, the problem is that the Israeli army does not give a damn, when acting against jewish terrorists, the gloves come on again... No rubber bullets, no bulldozers, no tear gas for them. Then suddenly the Israeli army knows how to avoid innocent victims.

I think it is never allright to refuse anyone simply because of his nationality.

Let me ask: did you, while in the army, did you defend any Palestinians from trigger-happy soldiers?

I agree that the conflict between the Israeli government (who insists on defending the settlers) and Palestinian militias is uncomparable to what happened in WWII.

Only problem is that too many zionists see what happened in WWII as a justification for what they are doing to Palestinians.

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