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Another 2 eurocents
author: John Veldhuis

"Israel is a democracy and has every ,I repeat -EVERY right to execute its policies and defend its citizens."

I don't argue that. As long as it observes and respects international law, treaties, the Geneva conventions and UN resolutions. And it doesn't.

"You as a European, should not give us your 2 cents, unless you are asked for it."

Does the concept of "free speech" have any meaning to you?

"You are definitely out of place telling the players what to do, when you have no stakes in the future of Our country."

Telling the "players" (it is no game) to stop stupid murder, terrorism, racism, apartheid, torture, collective punishment, is never out of place. Defending Israeli terrorism as "selfdefense" is to me like denying the holocaust. Calling a suicide bombing on civilians "resistance" falls in the same category.

"Israel can and should pursue peace without sacrificing the security of the citizens."

Here is something better:

Israel should pursue peace without sacrificing the security and the rights of any citizens, whatever race, religion or nationality. I don't know if it can. Until now it proves every day that it doesn't.

"Israelis are not pawns to be handled.

They are strong and capable of securing peace with one another"

I am not so sure of that. And the problem is not Israeli's securing peace with one another.

There is another people you should secure peace with, the Palestinians.

Properties of the Israeli's:

Strong - yes

Capable to secure peace - questionable at best.

Willing to secure peace - by their words: yes, by their actions: no

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