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The blame goes both ways
author: John Veldhuis

You are not to blame for it all. Not all.

There is no justification for terrorism, like bombing Israeli civilians, maybe even when they are illegally still colonizing Gaza, Westbank and East Jerusalem, maybe even when they are busy terrorizing Palestinian civilians. So Please, Hamas, Islamic Jihad and Fatah, Please Please stop doing that.

But that goes both ways.

Collective pusishment, like house demolitions, assassinations, general disregard for the life, health and security of Palestinian civilians are terrorism too.

Blowing up an 8 year old girl in an attempt to murder an alleged organizer of terrorism is definitely terrorism.

The only difference is that the Palestinian Authority tries to act against terrorism (they would do that better of course if Israel hadn't destroyed its means), and the state of Israel supports terrorism by settlers and even orders it by its army and airforce.

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