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Goldberg, Goldberg...
author: John Veldhuis

"...have you forgotten the past, arafat has led his people from disaster to disaster. "

And you believe that justifies the occupation, the torture, the assinations, the home demolitions, the apartheid wall, the abuse, murder and imprisonment of children, poverty of Israeli's, etc. ?

I sure hope your not that stupid.

" let you and i discuss a deal one which makes sense. your side has only suicide crazys going for it, stop their outside money, dismantle the 100 or so leaders who profit from the terror and then a deal can be struck. without arafat i may add."

Your side has the religious fundamentalists and other crazies in your government. The only ones profiting from the terror, either which sides it comes from, are the settlers. The settlers should be Israels problem, not the Palestinians.

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