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exellant report!
author: sharon

I was there - It is an exellant report, thank you Brian , good good good.

However, it is a pitty that it was a privat experience for the 5 buses that came from Israel, with the ovious absence of the mainstream media that shows only the bad news, and gives no hope for peace.

This demonstartion shows that it is possible to meet and to be together.

I met there some chabab ( young palestinians) that were talking with me. they did not represent the majority of palestinians that were there, but they talk with me among other things, in favor of the hamas , the jihad and the terrorists attacks. One young man of their village explosed himself two weeks ago.

i know that most of israelis could not hear that, and would be afraid or angree on the "potential terrorists", or estonished how can we talk with people that support terrosism ect ect.

However, I think that the real question is why those young people can talk with me? why i trust they will never kill me? why cant it be global

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