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Am I the result of a sinister Israeli Intelligence mach-making during the 1950s' Latin
by Sarg. Maj. Res. Aviad Rosen 1:12am Thu Dec 4 '03
address: Streets of London UK sargmajrosen@hotmail.com

Am I the result of a sinister Israeli Intelligence mach-making during the 1950s'?
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Am I the result of a sinister Israeli Intelligence mach-making during the 1950s'?
I believe that it was by NO chance that an alcoholic car dealer was to introduce the son of a Barrister from the British Colony Legal department in Palestine killed in King David Hotel 1946 that now can be disclosed that was actually a Hagana mole and was killed by its own operatives (Ben-Gurion agreed...) and the daughter of a Hagana member that is one of the participants of the Altalena sinister operation (June-1948). I am in the opinion that this was a calculated policy of the ruthless Israeli Shin-Bet pre-emptive subversion branch that produced this sick thought to create a family of Jews Vs Jews survivors in order to even the odds and to limit the dubious membership of this ‘State within a state’ club… For reasons of privacy I will not disclose all details of the surprising misfortunes of the Rosens’ as this will heart too much but over all I can detect a ‘mysterious’ hand that pulls the family as low as possible in the last 50 years. God Bless Israel!!!
Sergeant Major Aviad Rosen 5044037.

Pre-emptive counter subversion in Israel goes long way back in history, the methods that Shin-Bet have been using in order to suppress designated population especially within the so-called main stream Israeli citizens will become public knowledge in years to come. In my opinion, the viciousness of the methods deployed are the outcome of a state that has been in an ‘emergency situation’ since its creation. Due to my private knowledge I can assert that the free rain/hand that was allowed to the prime ministers of Israel during the years resulted in private escalation in the treatment of selected citizens that were targeted for historical reasons. During the years of Mr.Begin as prime minister of Israel from 1977 to 1983 the gloves went off as far as the King-David Hotel victims families goes and among them also mine. In years to come we will observe and find out that Israel is a leading force in the past and present in designing and formulating poisons/chemicals that can do wonders to the human brain. The use of these materials to my opinion shaped my family and eventually destroyed it. It is well established that when a new regime come to power selected personnel within its armed forces will be promoted and on the other hand others will be forced to quit!!!…

‘In all his years in opposition- as head of an underground movement denounced by the established Jewish leadership, for nearly three decades as leader of a party that lost eight Knesset elections- Menachem Begin never lost sight of the goal he moved to realize once he finally came to power as Israel’s sixth prime minister: a proud Jewish people, secure within their own state.’

This quote is important when one bare in mind what has happened to Yitzhak Rabin and so the Shin-Bet head of that time pinpointed the citizens that may have any thing ‘personal’ against Begin and ousted them! Making sure that they will be taken care of.


International cover-up to hide the false accusations against a Sargent-Major from the Israeli Naval communication centre in relation to the failed operation of 5/9/1997 in which 13 Israeli commandos have died in Lebanon.

The tragedy that left thousands of Israelis in a state of shock back in September 1997 sparked serious suspensions that a mole was working within the ranks at the most sensitive installations of the Israeli Navy. It emerges now that a serious suspicion was brought up against Sergeant Major (Res.) Aviad Rosen that has since been residing in London UK (31/8/1998). Mr. Rosen (31) of no permanent address (is residing in a camper van) has terminated his service in the Israeli Naval Control Unit - Tel Aviv after going through the ‘wringer’ and ending up in a state of nervous breakdown. Mr. Aviad Rosen a grandson of the late Moses Rosen - Barrister that held the position of Ass. To the Attorney General of the British colony administration of Palestine was killed at the King-David Hotel explosion in 22/7/1946 in Jerusalem. Aviad, son of (Ret. Lt. Gen.) I. Rosen of Kibbutz H. - Israel the only son of the late Moses Rosen have suffered continuous harassment by Israeli Mossad that has reached its peak on the 29/6/2001 when he has met with attorney R. H. (Tel-Aviv, Israel) at Totnham Court Road in London after he has tried to instruct him over the phone to withdraw an old personal injury claim that Israeli Intelligence have pushed to keep open since 1996 in order to try and bring Aviad back to Israel. Mr. H. that has clearly betrayed Aviad’s trust was actually acting on behalf of Israeli Intelligence. During the meetings held over a weekend it emerges that first Aviad faced ‘gentle’ persuading that his mental state necessitate him to go back to Israel immediately. Mr. Rosen claims that in the run-up to this meeting he was subject to poisoning by relative and also taken blood tests at the London Independent Hospital in Stepney Green - East London. After Aviad had refused to go back to Israel and explained to Mr. H. what has happened back in 1997 they have agreed to meet the following day. During the meeting on Sunday 29/6/2001 Mr. H. was instructed by Mossad to try and bring Aviad to his Hotel room (Hotel Jury) and it is not very hard to guess what was about to happened their (see Vanunu case)...!!! Towards the end of the meeting Mr. H. has tried to make Aviad sign a statement in which he is declaring that he will never seek legal actions against the Israeli Navy and/or I.D.F. but Aviad has refused following Mr. H. refusal to sign a document instructing him to withdraw the case. Following continuing refusal of Aviad to escort Mr. H. , Aviad has fled the seen and tried to commit suicide on the Taxi he was traveling in. At Croydon Aviad has alerted the Taxi driver that he has taken an overdose and that he better call an ambulance. Aviad was then taken to May-Day Hospital A&E; Dept. in Croydon - South London and the next day was transferred to Goodmays Mental Hospital in Essex. Following his discharge Aviad has written a full account of the above events to his solicitor Mr. Ogunbusola of E.K.E. solicitors Stratford (Mr. Ogunbusola confronted Aviad with accusations of belonging to Israeli Intelligence when was approached to sort out Aviad’s Housing benefit) -that has sparked an investigation by Police - Special Branch. This investigation has raised very disturbing picture that backed all of Aviad’s claims that meanwhile has been branded delusional in order to protect all parties involved. It is now clear that British Intelligence were actually aware of all Israeli Mossad actions against Aviad. Aviad upon his arrival to Britain has worked for Gray Security Services as a security officer around London and then moved to work for Chesham Place Limited in W1 London as a security controller where Baroness Thatcher had her office in 1999-2000. Israeli sources that have kept close look at Aviad’s day-to-day activities that included Mr. & Mrs. M. relatives of Aviad that were especially sent from Israel (Mr. E. M. was a communication Officer in the I.D.F. during his service and later on worked for Shin Bet). Israeli Intelligence that were worried that Aviad is employed at a sensitive position tried to persuade Aviad to give up his job and work for Jewish community synagogue security but following bad experience that Aviad had as a warden in Benei-Brit Hillel House (Stepney) he turned down their request. Frustrated, Israeli Intelligence passed information regarding Aviad’s service and regarding the conduct of his grant father to their colleagues in England and about a month later Aviad was dismissed. (Mr. Moses Rosen as mentioned earlier the Ass. To the Attorney General of Palestine was actually an informer to Jewish Hagana during the 1940’s and passed information to Mr. Ben-Nahom regarding weapons searches and new laws that were about to come to power (among the searches was the Black Sabbath a big operation to confiscate arms from the Jewish settlement in Palestine)) Prior to his dismissal with growing discontent to the treatment he received Aviad has tried to find alternative employment at Hereon Corp. opposite Madam Tusso, London, During the interview Aviad claims that Tony the interviewer claiming he had served in the British armed forces tried to extract information regarding Aviad’s service. Aviad claims that in particular he asked him about Missiles and communication equipment in use by the Israeli Navy. During all that time Aviad saying that it was absolutely clear to him the reason Israeli Intelligence were constantly pursuing his return to Israel, he claims that on the 13/5/1998 he was led into an informal questioning by Israeli Counter Intelligence in a women’s house in Armon Ha’Naziv - Jerusalem where he was shown restricted photos and was exposed to certain claims regarding the degree of his British nationalism hence to try an ascertain whether it is possible that he was seeking revenge for his grant father death by Irgon in 1946. Following that informal questioning by a female officer, Aviad was offered employment and was shone to a back flat where he will be residing. Disillusioned and dismayed, Aviad reported what has happened to his superior at the following morning and was taken to a formal debrief by Israeli Naval counter Intelligence in which he was asked not to expose where he met that women. During the years that passed since that so-called questioning Israeli Intelligence were convinced that Mr. Rosen doesn’t know the importance of this information and so allowed him ‘monitored freedom’ with the clear knowledge that they can ‘pull the plug’ (i.e. call him to court whenever it will suite them!) but that was about to change and Mr. Rosen growing frustration knowing what Mossad is doing to him grew indifferent. On the 28/6/2001 the same day that Aviad was suppose to meet with Mr. H. Israeli Intelligence arranged him a job interview at a Croydon based Dental Laboratory (Mr. Rosen by now a Qualified Dental Technician and Working at Eastman Dental Hospital) arranged through his College Teacher by mounting pressure on a friend in Israel and by placing Mr. J. under cover together with him at the same course they prepared an alternative to Mr. H. set-up in a manner known at the I.D.F.

Prior to the departure of Mr. A. (an Israeli/Canadian citizen that escaped his military service in Israel and that was sent to London on studies to monitor Aviad) Aviad has meet Ms.H of Brighton East Sussex through a Yahoo chat room and started dating her, it is now clear that this so called innocent encounter was actually arranged by Israeli Intelligence. Ms. H that was 3 months pregnant and devastated from her son (N.) suicide at her home in Brighton. N. (18) was serving in the British Army and was severely depressed by what seams to be bullying in his unit.

It is now quite clear that Ms. H. was employed by Israeli Intelligence and was part of the set-up to allow the return and prosecution of Aviad over false allegation in Israel. Following the investigation it is now clear that Ms’ second son, Mr. K. H. has played a crucial role in the ‘softening’ of the ‘target’ - i.e. Aviad Rosen and this while he was employed by Virgin music in Brighton - employment that has ended abruptly following Aviads’ letter of complaint. Mr. Rosen that following his discharge from Goodmays Hospital understood that he would receive no protection from British security services had no alternative but to use Goodmays as a ‘sanctuary’ from Israeli fiercefull campaign and so admitted himself again upon 3 years anniversary of his arrival to Britain (31/8/01). At the start of his second academic year at Lambeth College Mr. Rosen applied to continue his studies at Eastman Dental Hospital and was accepted together with Ms. R. that by now it is clear has been reporting to British Intelligence. Ms R. assignment was to finally discover what made Israeli Intelligence go beyond their way to try and bring Aviad to Israel in such a relentlessness manner. After continuous and repeated attempts to extract this info’ from Aviad in every way using other work colleagues it is understood they have given up and began a vendetta campaign in order to fail Aviad in his course of studies. This vendetta included individuals at Lambeth College. The overall ‘attack’ included forcing Aviad out of his address in Stratford. Without much hope Aviad applied again for council rehousing and approached Newham social services trying to highlight his situation but with no success.

Aviad decided to move into a camper-van as a solution to repeated intrusions into his privacy that included sabotage - interfering with his possessions (two Roberts short-wave radios were destroyed in app. Cost of 150) and several items went missing.

Meanwhile, Aviad was subject to number of terrorist searches and attempts to convince him to abandon his new way of life either by moving to live in with Ms. H or to a bed & breakfast.

Aviad is due to attend court for ‘no-insurance’ shortly and maybe the authorities will finally have their own way in burying this ‘fiasco’ once and for all.

A few important questions are raised from Aviads period in England since 1998 and these issues are very much relevant now-days as the Hatton enquiry is finalizing its conclusions.

1. Will the authorities finally wake-up in relation to the balance of human rights in the post 9/11 and now in the post Kelley period?
2. How much freedom is being allowed to Israeli Mossad in its roaming the streets of Britain and persecuting Israeli targets?
3. What kind of filtering mechanism exist in verifying the real motives and truth of malicious information spread by Israel on its targets, specifically on its own service man when they are holding sensitive information that Israel is dreading will reach the media/fall to the wrong hands.
4. What kind of supervision exist to verify that labeling an individual/British citizen as foreign agent will not be done a) in order to victimize him for historical vendetta reasons and b) in order to extract military/other information.
5. How to achieve integrity in cases where foreign intelligence services operated illegally on British soil and investigation was berried for political reasons.
6. What kind of preference is given to one citizen’s illegal conduct harming another and goes unnoticed.
7. How will the legal system can make sure that it has all the information in prosecuting individuals and that political motives do not interfere with the decision making process.
8. How the interface between the medical professions especially the mental health system and the security services is being supervised.
9. How will the state make sure that people in similar situations to that of Dr. Kelly will have good reason to live in the U.K. knowing that they will be protected against degrading treatment?
10. How far does the right of the public to know goes - i.e. are requests from the security/political establishment to newspapers not to publish story legitimate? And for what reasons?

Sincerely yours,

Aviad Rosen

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