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AHAVA BOYCOTT - Tell Nordstorm to Stop Selling Stolen Beauty

Our latest Stolen Beauty target is Nordstrom, a chain of department stores that touts itself as a socially responsible business but continues to sell AHAVA products 

Please click on this link http://bit.ly/92ZHR0 to send a letter to Nordstrom's VP for Social Responsibility to say there is nothing socially responsible about AHAVA products that are made from stolen resources in a factory built on occupied Palestinian land. 

Then, add this message to your Facebook by clicking this link - http://j.mp/nordstromfb 

And update your Twitter status http://j.mp/nordbds 

On March 30, 2010, activists around the world will mark Land Day with coordinated BDS actions. Stay tuned for Stolen Beauty AHAVA boycott actions in NYC, D.C., Chicago, Montreal, Austin, SeattleSan Francisco, and Los Angeles


Thanks for helping us to move forward with the Stolen Beauty AHAVA boycott campaign (www.stolenbeauty.org).      



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