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Ghassan Khaled Ready For Release ע

Saturday, April 19, 2008

Update: Dr. Gassan Sharif Khaled’s second abduction and subsequent
imposing of a six months administrative arrest by the IDF/Shabak

PSP Activist Gets Administrative Detention Despite Public Outcry

In spite of the hundreds of faxes sent and the lack of evidence presented
against Mousa, a military judge approved the military order of 6 months
administrative detention

Using Family Members to Pressure Detainees

“Family Matters, Using Family Members to Pressure Detainees

Under GSS Interrogation”

PSP Co-Founder Arrested at 4 am

April 11th, 2008

דף מידע לדצמבר - אסירות פוליטיות

נשים למען אסירות פוליטיות
ת.ד. 31811, תל אביב
דוא"ל: info@wofpp.org

דף מידע דצמבר 2007

Free Nura elHashlamon !!!

Women's Organization for Political Prisoners (WOFPP)



P. O. Box 31811, Tel Aviv

Urgent appeal

Greece: Simultaneous protests outside prisons in 8 cities

Anarchists against prisons

Journalist Ata Farahat للصحافي عطا فرحات

30 October 2007


מדוע אסור לשחרר את האסיר הלבנוני הכלוא בישראל- סמיר אלקנטאר

הסיפור של קונטר

German Amti-militarist Await a Court Decision

*Appeal lodged against the continued custodial remand of Axel H., Oliver R. and Florian L.
*Federal Court to take no decisions before 18th October

The German Federal Court of Justice has yet again postponed its deadline for deciding on the Federal Prosecutions appeal against the release of Andrej H. on bail. "We cannot expect a decision before October 18th", commented Cristina Clemm who is legally representing Andrej H.

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