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Reporter: ****** Created: 03-12-2002
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Posted By: ******
Date: 9:43 AM On 03-12-2002
Rona wrote:
you know the newswire on the global features is made out of each imc's features. ours not included. anyway, a friend of mine by chance told me he was working on it so i warned him we're changing it soon and maybe it's not the right time... and get him this list to contact. which he probably won't. but i thought i'd mention it anyway.

Posted By: ******
Date: 12:26 AM 04-12-2002
On the new code we can already export open newswire as well as editorial newswire.

Shouldn't be much of an issue to export features:-)

Posted By: ******
Date: 10:06 AM 07-12-2002
Is RSS 1.0 required or RSS 0.91 is accepted as well?


Posted By: ******
Date: 12:13 PM 07-12-2002
שלחתי את זה לרונה שתשבור את הראש :)

Posted By: ******
Date: 10:27 PM 19-12-2002
אוקיי, עכשיו אנחנו מפיקים קובץ סינדיקציה מהפיצרים בפורמט RSS 1.0

בהתאם למפרט של קלן מפרוטסט נט.