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Reporter: ****** Created: 02-12-2002
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Posted By: ******
Date: 2:45 PM On 02-12-2002
I try to publish html file, and I got this message:
The article was uploaded as HTML file, in order to prevent corruption ofthe display due to bad it will be displayed in the frame below

but, no option to publish / edit after the textarea

Posted By: ******
Date: 2:50 PM 02-12-2002
Articles: 36014,36015

Posted By: ******
Date: 8:44 PM 02-12-2002
The HTML file is stored on the filesystem rather then the database, So it can be edited only by FTP.

Text files, Transformed word documents and text or html in the textbox are all stored in the database.

The rest are stored outside the database

Posted By: ******
Date: 7:08 PM 14-12-2002
What about the English?

Posted By: ******
Date: 10:20 AM 15-12-2002
Does not matter...

Posted By: ******
Date: 3:32 PM 17-12-2002
אני חושב שזה בסדר: