Bug #28 - After I edit article, I cannot back to anothe admin page - Return to bug list
Reporter: ****** Created: 28-11-2002
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Posted By: ******
Date: 9:16 PM On 28-11-2002
After I edit article, I cannot back to anothe admin page:

Requested document not found!
The requested document was not found. Are you sure you types the URL correctly?

If you were referred from a different website please notify them that the link is broken

At the meantime, you may use the search form below to seek what you were looking, or report to us

Posted By: ******
Date: 9:17 PM 28-11-2002
It's need to be admin: http://indymedia.sweethome.co.il/code/admin/index.php?section=editorial

Posted By: ******
Date: 9:10 PM 02-12-2002
Fixed, and look at the newswire list in the admin mode, there is a bonus:-)

Posted By: ******
Date: 12:30 PM 03-12-2002