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Reporter: ****** Created: 18-11-2002
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Posted By: ******
Date: 7:17 PM On 18-11-2002
I uploaded a HTML produced by word 2000. but it isn't shown right.

Posted By: ******
Date: 10:49 PM 18-11-2002
The big problem when uploading HTML files is that because we embed the HTML code in HTML, it's pretty much limited in what it contains.

If you look at all news websites, even when they allow to upload HTML it's mostly stricted to very small subset.

So there is no chance it will accept such beasts produced from Word2000...

Posted By: ******
Date: 12:50 AM 19-11-2002
People will publish HTML codes using Microsoft Office.
what could we do?

Posted By: ******
Date: 10:25 AM 19-11-2002
נסה להעלות את המאמר בשנית - הוא כעת יוצג בתוך IFRAME

Posted By: ******
Date: 8:25 PM 19-11-2002
עליתי את המאמר בשנית

התיבה קטנה מידי

Posted By: ******
Date: 11:04 PM 19-11-2002
הגדלתי - איך זה נראה עכשיו?

Posted By: ******
Date: 1:45 AM 03-12-2002
לא טוב. כאשר נסיים את העיצוב נשבור את הראש שוב.
בנתיים נשאיר את זה פתוח