Bug #28 Created: 28-11-2002
Reporter: ****** Assigned To: ******
Status: Closed Resolution: Fixed
Project: ActiveIL Component: General
Version: DEVEL Severity: Annoyance
Priority: 3 OS: Windows 98

Summary: After I edit article, I cannot back to anothe admin page
URL: http://indymedia.sweethome.co.il/code/webcast/index.php?section=editorial
Bug Dependencies:

----- Posted by ****** at 9:16 PM on 28-11-2002 -----
After I edit article, I cannot back to anothe admin page:

Requested document not found!
The requested document was not found. Are you sure you types the URL correctly?

If you were referred from a different website please notify them that the link is broken

At the meantime, you may use the search form below to seek what you were looking, or report to us

----- Posted by ****** at 9:17 PM on 28-11-2002-----
It's need to be admin: http://indymedia.sweethome.co.il/code/admin/index.php?section=editorial

----- Posted by ****** at 9:10 PM on 02-12-2002-----
Fixed, and look at the newswire list in the admin mode, there is a bonus:-)

----- Posted by ****** at 12:30 PM on 03-12-2002-----

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