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¿What can i do to help guys to stay away from drugs?

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January/19/12 – Drugs
Volunteer: Luis Lugo.

¿What can i do to help guys to stay away from drugs?


No one questions the severity of the problem with drugs and the devastating impact that causes in youth. The scholar results suffer and get worst, worse health and destroy lives of the youths and their families.

EDUCATOR’S GUIDE of the truth about drugs has practical tools to teach Young people about the abuse of these substances.
The best solution is to reach youths with an effective education about drugs based on facts, before they begin to take them. It’s so improbable that pre-teens, teens and youths that know the facts about drugs go to consume them.
The core of the Foundation educational program consist in a documentary of 1 hour and 42 minutes length, titled The Truth About Drugs: Real Stories … real people.
The Documentary is complemented with thirteen illustrated drug information booklets and public service announcements as the best documentaries for the drug prevention consume. More than 55 million educative booklets have been distributed in 60 countries and in 22 languages.

THE TRUTH ABOUT DRUGS EDUCATION PACKAGE CONTENT, inspired by the works of Philosopher and Humanist, L. Ronald Hubbard, satisfies the growing demand of a practical manual to help the teachers to communicate the truth about drugs fast and effectively. Provides lessons, homework and activities in class that gets the participation of the student that captures and retains the attention of the youths. The students with a good reading level, see and above all uses the information to take right decisions about the use of drugs.
Its rare that exist a professor or father who hasn’t asked: What can I do to help guys to stay away from drugs? THE TRUTH ABOUT DRUGS EDUCATION PACKAGE CONTENT helps to answer that question with the maximum benefit for today students and youths.
for further info please visit http://www.drugfreeworld.org
and/or contact me at: pr.florida@yahoo.com


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