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A report on 2 ALF actions in the US and Sweden דיווח על שתי פעולות של החזית לשחרור בעלי החיים

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from the onestruggle email list

הי, חשבתי שאולי זה ישמח אותכן לשמוע, החודש היו 2 פעולות של שחרור, אחת של קופים בארה"ב והשניה של מינקים בשוודיה.. אתן מוזמנות לקרוא את הדיווח (מתוך רשימת התפוצה של מאבק אחד)

reported anonymously:
"Late on September 10 we entered the compound of Worldwide Primates (16450 SW 180th Street, Miami , Florida ) and cut large holes in 4 outdoor cages. Each cage held 5 or 6 monkeys.
There is no doubt that monkeys can survive in Florida . There are hundreds of wild monkeys in colonies across the state. Worldwide Primates is surrounded by fruit farms.
Worldwide Primates is the business of convicted baby orangutan smuggler Matthew Block. He spent one year in prison and then went back to work importing and selling primates to vivisection labs.
Mr. Block, we haven't forgotten you. Your work is still criminal in our eyes.
- Animal Liberation Front"

On the night to september 1st, the horror farm in Harryda was emptied on all 700 minks there during the third liberation on that death camp in a year. A big amount of the animals where used to masked animal lovers and was quick to escape from hte misery of the cages. All mink traps were destroyed to make sure that the mink got the best chance to escape. The activitists only left one trace behind themselves. At a shed the slogan "repeat of the 90´s" where left as a reminder to a industry already sentenced to death. Always for the animals - DBF





Archeologists overseeing contested Islamic infrastructure work on Jerusalem's Temple Mount have stumbled upon a sealed archeological level dating back to the First Temple period, the Israel Antiquities Authority announced Sunday.

Fragments of First Temple era tableware
Photo: Courtesy

* Q&A on the Temple Mount

The find marks the first time that archeological remains dating back to the First Temple period have been found on the contested holy site, the state-run archeological body said.

No archeological excavations have ever been carried out on the Temple Mount, which is Judaism's holiest and Islam's third-holiest site, due to opposition from religious leaders.

The sealed archeological level, dated from the eighth to the sixth centuries BCE, was exposed at the end of August in the area close to the southeastern corner of the raised platform surrounding the Dome of the Rock, and includes fragments of ceramic tableware and animal bone.

"The layer is a closed, sealed archeological layer that has been untouched since as early as the eighth century BCE," said Yuval Baruch, the Jerusalem District archeologist for the Israel Antiquities Authority.

But independent Israeli archeologists from the nonpartisan Committee Against the Destruction of Antiquities on the Temple Mount, who have repeatedly lambasted the Antiquities Authority for allowing Islamic officials to carry out the infrastructure work this summer, downplayed the findings.

The archeologists said the maintenance work, which was carried out with a tractor, had left a 100-meter-long and roughly 1-1.5-meter-deep trench and had badly damaged antiquities at the site.

"The Antiquities Authority is standing behind the barbaric Islamic destruction of antiquities on the Temple Mount, and then presents the results of the destruction to show just how important the finds are," said Hebrew University archeologist Dr. Eilat Mazar, a leading Temple Mount expert. "This is a smoke screen for the destruction of antiquities."

According to decades-old regulations in place at the Temple Mount, Israel maintains overall security control at the site, while the Wakf, or Islamic Trust, is charged with day-to-day administration of the ancient compound, which is at the heart of the Israeli-Palestinian dispute over control of Jerusalem.

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