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Indict the ISM

Indict the ISM

Stop the Indymedia Fascist Lies - Learn the Truth


Peace through Victory

Peace thru Victory!

Call to Indymedia Leftists to Testify in Favor of Anti-Semitism

Hooray for Leftist Anti-Semitism!

The Forbidden Truths of the Genocidal Evil Human War and Military Structures

A Forbidden Truth dissection of the perverse and deranged human societal activities of warfare and military enlistment.

Most Important Book Indymedians Need to Read

Get your now.

הפסקה פעילה

מתי בפעם האחרונה שיחקתם ב"קלאס", "שמות" ו"תופסת" ?

Masters of Terror

"Masters of Terror" is available on the Internet Archive as part of this pathbreaking video documentary collection!

Israel's Racism

nowall.gif: רעש נגד החומה - פלייר ההופעה להדפיס ...

Evil Exists

by Larry Abraham (published at iconoclast.ca)
[Note to editors: this is a copy/paste from iconoclast.ca, but a bit hard to link to. This is why we don't delete it. Hope this doesn't evolve into a habbit :) ]

Kim Sun-il Beheading video: Short Version - Long Version

Kim Sun-il Beheading video: Short Version - Long Version

Come to the Protest!

Screw Hollywood Leftists

Arab "Outrage"? Balls!

Shove Arab "Outrage"!

981.jpg: תחנות אוטובוס, שבאופן טבעי משמשות כ...


right wing indymedia spoof steals email addresses

http://indymedia.co.il is a spoof right-wing site. Warn your friends.

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Dangerous Peaceniks

Dangerous Peaceniks

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