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New protests in the german capital against the Israeli attack on the FreeGaza flotila

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Renewed protests against the slaughterous Israeli assault on the Gaza solidarity convoy took place on tuesday in Berlin. Hundreds of participants deplored the victims of the attack and condemned the Israeli government on account of this crime. They also strongly criticised the german and US complicity in the murderous Israeli politics.

In reference to the german involvement, they mainly denunciated the exportation of weaponry all over the world including Israel.

Annette Groth, member of the Bundestag (german parliament) who had survived the assault on the ship convoy, also rose to speak during the manifestation in front of the german Foreign Office. In contrast to the majority of the passengers of the solidarity convoy she could leave Israel soon after the hijacking of the ships by the Israeli army.

Further manifestations against the Israeli assault have been announced for friday and saturday (day of international solidarity) in the german capital.

dscn6440.jpg294.08 كيلوبايت
"Made by Israel - for which purpose have they been killed?"282.07 كيلوبايت
"Armed to the teeth"259.86 كيلوبايت
"Not in our names - Jewish voice in favour of a just peace in the Middle East - The other jewish voice"261.59 كيلوبايت
dscn6399.jpg300.87 كيلوبايت
"Today's victims are martyrs - Israeli democracy means quackery and falsehood - Today's massacre shows the true face of Israel - Greetings to all nations of the peace convoy"269.14 كيلوبايت
"Stop the Israeli State terrorism"229.51 كيلوبايت
"1948 - 2010: after 62 years of disrespect opposite to international law and human rights: the very right of existence for Palestine"274.52 كيلوبايت
Annette Groth, member of german parliament, after her liberation from Israeli detention.290.33 كيلوبايت
"End the blockade of Gaza - Today's massacre is the true face of Israel"251.86 كيلوبايت
"No tax money in favour of the Israeli state terrorism"252.96 كيلوبايت
dscn6415.jpg270.07 كيلوبايت
dscn6421.jpg257.23 كيلوبايت
The majority of the killed civilians came from Turkey285.08 كيلوبايت
In front of the german Foreign Office 319.11 كيلوبايت


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سبت 5 June 2010
جمعة 4 June 2010


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